School Dinners

School Meals Costs 2022 / 2023

School meals cost £12.50 per week.  All meals should be paid in advance using Scopay or at the school office.  Please contact the school office if you are having difficulty accessing your online account.

Autumn Term 2022

Spring Term 2023

Summer Term 2023

First Half: £87.50

First Half: £70.00

First Half: £72.50

Second Half:  £85.00

Second Half: £75.00

Second Half: £85.00

Total:  £172.50

Total: £145.00

Total: £157.50

We have a three week rotation of the lunchtime menu. Please click on the links below to see the menu for each week.

We use SCOPAY for our online payments. Using SCOPAY allows you to top up your child’s account anywhere, anytime with a credit or debit card. All payments for lunches, trips and extra-curricular clubs can be made online via the Scopay link or download the app from App Store (iPhone)/Play Store (Android).

You will be given a unique, secure link code when your child starts school. Please contact the School Office if by any chance you don’t have one or have mislaid it.

Click the link below to make your online payment

Contact Us

Feel to free contact our friendly office team with any enquiries you may have.

Phone: 020 8348 0290

Address: Rokesly Avenue, London, N8 8NH

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